Meet Teri Twigg

Teri Twigg has a tremendous love of interior design. As a DSA Certified Professional Designer, Teri understands and appreciates the value a piece of art brings to a room or occasion. She has an eye for aesthetics, loves coordinating mixed mediums, and has an innate ability to translate a passion into a tangible art piece. Teri enjoys collaborating to bring a design inspiration to life in order to enhance the beauty of a home, business or event. 

Teri holds a Masters in Business Administration and oversees the operations for Barton Sculptures; including design, events, and partnerships. She possesses a unique ability to identify opportunity for collaboration and strategic partnerships. Partnering with designers like Wren Roch for New York Fashion Week in supporting their mission to empower victims and survivors of domestic violence is one telling example of Teri’s talents.

Two are better than one. In accordance with their mission, Barton Sculptures is poised to support and elevate the vision of others.