Commission a sculpture for a truly unique experience.


Commissioning a sculpture is an exciting and very personal experience.  We want you to be involved in the entire process!  We want to spend time with you to hear your story and learn what you hope to capture. 

At various points in the sculpting process, we will invite you into the studio to provide feedback and collaborate on details, including patina and finish.  The placement of the finished piece is equally important as the sculpture itself.  We want to know where your piece will be placed and how you would like it featured.  If you are unsure, we can help!  We will walk through design considerations such as lighting, elevation, and background to highlight your sculpture as you envision it.  Our goal is to make your sculpture and the experience you have with Barton Sculptures simply - - exceptional. 

If you are an interior designer, we would love to collaborate with you to create something for your client.  Contact us for more information.