The Why Behind The Brand

The Why Behind The Brand

The way we fill the space around us communicates who we are. At Barton Sculptures, we believe art is a language, capable of communicating thoughts and ideas that transcend mere words. We believe art is the embodiment of the tangible and visible form of an emotion or feeling. Through three-dimensional forms, we create beautiful art that will fill your space with personal meaning and passion.

We are artistic creatives, motivated by our own personal history. Art has often played the role of healer, inspirer, and motivator, illuminating our lives with beauty and purpose.

We believe every person should possess a work of art that inspires them. We want to hear your story, your inspiration, and capture it in a custom piece that inspires elegance, sophistication, and adds a classical touch to your contemporary space—whether that be home or professional.

Art and design are intrinsically related. As American architect and furniture designer, Charles Eames once said, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose.” We create sculpture as a tangible expression of your story, to display in your space and communicate who you are. We also assist you in designing your space to best showcase your sculpture and your vision.

Our sculptures are designed to touch the deepest levels of emotion through beauty and form. Each piece is cast with optimal attention to detail, telling a story that captivates you.