Inspiration for Paris 1950

“Paris 1950” is the first in a new series of sculptures that depict the finest of vintage fashion. This sculpture depicts a Paris street scene where Sigrid the young ingénue and model poses for Henry the debonair, sophisticated photographer.  The electricity they generate by working together has a magnetic power that pulls them together, and draws us in.  

As Sigrid, glances beyond the camera, she secretly wonders if Henry finds her more than just a subject for his camera. Henry finds it a challenge to keep his mind on the task at hand - he is mesmerized by Sigrid’s stunning beauty. Both of them wonder as to what the possibilities might be.  Together they capture the romance and sophistication of 1950’s fashion.

The inspiration for the piece came after hours of fashion research. I was awestruck at beauty of the fashions and the models, and how they were presented.

In conducting my research I became curious about the people who were the fashion photographers and how they applied their amazing craft.   Without the genius of the photographers, the beauty, elegance of the clothes would not have been conveyed. The models are gorgeous, the clothes are breathtaking, but it’s the fashion photographer that brings it all to life. The lighting, the poses, the vantage point, and the accessories all work together like musical instruments in a finely tuned orchestra where the fashion photographer is the conductor.