Meet the Nolcha Four: Jade

Initially, when I created Jade, I did not have a specific inspiration in mind other than to create a beautiful work of art showcasing fashion at its finest. I absolutely love designing the clothes and the accessories for my sculptures.  Sculpting Jade’s ankle-wrapped gladiator sandals and faux fur stole provided me with hours of blissful artistic expression.  There is no doubt that Jade is, sensuous, captivating, and downright delectable.  Her expression is mysterious and sultry; she is, in a word, “hot”.  She pulls you in and makes you want to know what she is thinking. 

As wonderful as all of this is, I kept asking myself what was her true purpose beyond being beautiful?   Usually, I have this figured out ahead of time, but this time I did not.  While there is nothing wrong for beauty for beauty’s sake, I wanted more for her.  My intention for the pieces that I create to for them to serve a higher purpose, benefiting the greater good in some fashion.  Whether that is to pay tribute to a particular person or to promote a worthy cause or raise awareness for something important, the piece must transcend beyond its physical form.

So, what was Jade’s purpose?

It was not long before I found out.  While conferring with Laura and Karen of Wren and Roch, it was clear that Jade was to help serve their mission of raising awareness for sexual violence and assault by wearing one of their beautiful leather cuffs “Seeing Spots”. This accessory is strong and bold; a perfect symbol of personal empowerment.  I loved creating Jade but, even more so, I love the higher purpose she represents.