Do these pants make me look fat?: Working with Grant

If you don’t want to know the truth, then you don’t want to ask Grant. Grant is a dear friend whom I’ve known for more than 20 years. Hands down, Grant is probably the most talented individual I know. Frankly, the rest of us are just mere mortals. A true Renaissance man, Grant builds furniture, designs clothes, sings professionally, teaches voice, and directs a cabaret ensemble. I am sure I’ve left something out!  Grant is not only my friend, but is also what I refer to as a visual editor.  For years I have had Grant check my work for balance, design, proportion and accuracy of costuming. Very similar to what an editor does for a writer.  It would not be unusual for him to say “ok you may not like this….but there are a few thinks that don’t look correct” or “tell me how you came up with outfit” or “ It looks like her arm is disconnected from her body” or the dreaded “I think you should just start over”.  That is exactly what he said after I shared the original version of “Paris 1950” with him.  His email said “there are a few things that need to be fixed”.  Honestly I was puzzled. I was pretty happy with the piece I couldn’t imagine what needed fixing. The next day, we spent 2 hours via Facetime discussing and critiquing. Between Henry and Sigrid, there were no less than a dozen corrections! Here are a few examples; Sigrid’s feet look like she’s retaining water; her collar looks heavy, her waist needs to be smaller, her outfit is more of a composite design verses authentically vintage and my all-time favorite “you know that bras were very pointy in the 50”s”. I braced myself for the worse, I knew it was coming, I could feel it; “I think you should just start over”.  I was beyond brain dead at this point but made peace with the idea of starting over. The next day, I cut Sigrid’s head off and put it in a safe place, took her body off the armatures stand and stored her body under my work table where she awaits reincarnation.  When I tell people about Grant they ask “does Grant ever tell you anything good?” I tell them it’s all good. It’s good because I learn from every piece and my skill level increases. I am fortunate to have someone who I can count on to tell me if my pants make me look fat!