Meet the Nolcha Four: Carry Your Courage

A couple of months ago, I sent my son Collin a few pictures of some pieces that I had been working on. A text came back and reads as follows:

“Mom, I just love what you are doing, but you need to REALLY spice it up!  Check this out, now this is ‘bad ass’.”

What arrived next was a vintage 1950s photograph of a woman eating lunch with her cheetah!    While dining with a cheetah is very chic, a hot fashion model walking a cheetah is even better! This visual gave me the inspiration not only for this piece, but for a whole new fashion series; a collection which would be modern, sleek, and edgy.

From the beginning, I knew that this would become a signature piece with a special purpose. I had not sculpted an animal before, much less one paired with a human figure. I was so pumped up about this challenge that I could not wait to get started. I tried to find a cheetah to model for me, but no such luck, not even on Craig’s List! Instead, I used a plethora of reference photos and garnered input from other artists experienced with animal sculpture.  Ultimately, I sculpted three different cheetahs in various sizes before getting the look right and the proportions correct. When the cheetah was finished, he looked strong, powerful and determined, and needed a name to match.  I came up with a short list of names and per usual, polled my family and friends in an effort find the perfect name. People are pretty much used to this by now and seem to really enjoy giving their opinion about what names they like or don’t like.  After mulling this over for a week or so, I decided on the name Thor. Thor is an old Norse name which means “Thunder God”. Now, how perfect was that?

While working on Thor, I worked on his companion Delilah simultaneously. Delilah came together almost effortlessly. Everything about her-- her facial expression, her pose, and clothes projected an image of supreme confidence combined with style and panache. She exuded an attitude of fearlessness and sensuality. This was exactly what I had envisioned. Although stunning in her mini bandage dress and sexy ankle wrap stiletto sandals, I felt that something was missing. She needed something, but what?

It wasn’t long before I found out. Just about the same time that I was finishing Delilah, the opportunity to work with Wren and Roch presented itself. While conferencing with Karen and Laura, a light bulb went on. I figured out what Delilah needed! Delilah needed to be a part of their Carry Your Courage campaign in support of victims of sexual assault and abuse. She needed to carry one of their beautiful bags and wear one of their leather cuffs. Ultimately, we decided on the BEST FRIENDS-Ray of Moonlight purse because of its beautiful texture and color, as well as their tan hide cuff for the same reason.

Delilah and Thor are moving forward together, perfectly in sync. Thor bravely leading the way, Delilah steering him with her head held high carrying her beautiful bag. This piece, which is called “Carry Your Courage” is dedicated to the fine ladies of Wren and Roch, Karen Hansen and Laura Rachlin for the outstanding work they are doing to educate and empower others.