What It's Like To Work With Us

Sculpture is three dimensional art expressed in its purest form. It captures a moment in time. Through the detailed expression of the face and the fluidity of movement, there is an illustrative power and connection that only sculpture can evoke. As embodied in the ruins of ancient Greece, Michelangelo’s Pieta or Felix de Weldon’s Marine Corps War Memorial, sculpture has a supernatural ability to keep alive the emotion and memory of the past. At Barton Sculptures our mission is to edify and elevate with every piece we create.

In order to design a truly custom piece, we like to meet with our clients to learn exactly what they want us to create for them. Our clients are just as much the artists as we are, eliciting the details we incorporate that will bring life to their piece. It is a collaborative endeavor and we want our clients to enjoy the experience. Discussing what they are hoping to capture is one of our favorite parts of the process. While our models often enjoy coming to the studio for a sitting, we are more than happy to work from photographs.

Recent clients brought a photograph of their grandson, desiring to create a bust in his
memory. We met with them, intent on learning exactly who he was and what was important to him. Among other things, we learned he was blessed with enviable hair, we incorporated this personal detail, adding light and dark to the patina to assist in capturing his personality. We involve the client along the way, inviting them to the studio to collaborate at different stages throughout the process. Our work is not a product, it is an experience. It is not a stagnant piece, it is an emotion, a story, a memory.