Featured Event: Saks Fifth Avenue

One glance through Barton Sculptures website and you will instantly realize that fashion is a primary inspiration of ours. Like sculpture, fashion must mold and move with the human body. When a designer creates a dress, his or her purpose is to evoke a certain mood. Like fashion, sculpture communicates a particular mood to the viewer. We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in the convergence of these two worlds with Saks Fifth Avenue and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!

On September 27, fashion designer Zang Toi will be showcasing his Fall 2018 collection at Richmond’s Saks Fifth Avenue in a by invitation only fundraiser event sponsored by the VMFA. We were excited to be invited to sculpt on-sight during the event. We immediately fell in love with the vibrant hues and bold design of Toi’s work, particularly his attention to the smallest detail. One particular design, a floral bodice and skirt, caught our eye and we knew immediately this design would translate into sculpture. We chose it as the piece Laurie would sculpt on site.

We were not the only ones who found this piece to be inspirationally gorgeous. When we met with Saks they informed us that the piece we selected to sculpt was one of Toi’s favorites and was featured on the event invitation! We’ve heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we believe that beauty often demands that everyone beholds!