The Why Behind The Brand

The way we fill the space around us communicates who we are. At Barton Sculptures, we believe art is a language, capable of communicating thoughts and ideas that transcend mere words. We believe art is the embodiment of the tangible and visible form of an emotion or feeling. Through three-dimensional forms, we create beautiful art that will fill your space with personal meaning and passion.

We are artistic creatives, motivated by our own personal history. Art has often played the role of healer, inspirer, and motivator, illuminating our lives with beauty and purpose.

We believe every person should possess a work of art that inspires them. We want to hear your story, your inspiration, and capture it in a custom piece that inspires elegance, sophistication, and adds a classical touch to your contemporary space—whether that be home or professional.

Art and design are intrinsically related. As American architect and furniture designer, Charles Eames once said, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose.” We create sculpture as a tangible expression of your story, to display in your space and communicate who you are. We also assist you in designing your space to best showcase your sculpture and your vision.

Our sculptures are designed to touch the deepest levels of emotion through beauty and form. Each piece is cast with optimal attention to detail, telling a story that captivates you.

Featured Event: Saks Fifth Avenue

One glance through Barton Sculptures website and you will instantly realize that fashion is a primary inspiration of ours. Like sculpture, fashion must mold and move with the human body. When a designer creates a dress, his or her purpose is to evoke a certain mood. Like fashion, sculpture communicates a particular mood to the viewer. We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in the convergence of these two worlds with Saks Fifth Avenue and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!

On September 27, fashion designer Zang Toi will be showcasing his Fall 2018 collection at Richmond’s Saks Fifth Avenue in a by invitation only fundraiser event sponsored by the VMFA. We were excited to be invited to sculpt on-sight during the event. We immediately fell in love with the vibrant hues and bold design of Toi’s work, particularly his attention to the smallest detail. One particular design, a floral bodice and skirt, caught our eye and we knew immediately this design would translate into sculpture. We chose it as the piece Laurie would sculpt on site.

We were not the only ones who found this piece to be inspirationally gorgeous. When we met with Saks they informed us that the piece we selected to sculpt was one of Toi’s favorites and was featured on the event invitation! We’ve heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we believe that beauty often demands that everyone beholds!

What It's Like To Work With Us

Sculpture is three dimensional art expressed in its purest form. It captures a moment in time. Through the detailed expression of the face and the fluidity of movement, there is an illustrative power and connection that only sculpture can evoke. As embodied in the ruins of ancient Greece, Michelangelo’s Pieta or Felix de Weldon’s Marine Corps War Memorial, sculpture has a supernatural ability to keep alive the emotion and memory of the past. At Barton Sculptures our mission is to edify and elevate with every piece we create.

In order to design a truly custom piece, we like to meet with our clients to learn exactly what they want us to create for them. Our clients are just as much the artists as we are, eliciting the details we incorporate that will bring life to their piece. It is a collaborative endeavor and we want our clients to enjoy the experience. Discussing what they are hoping to capture is one of our favorite parts of the process. While our models often enjoy coming to the studio for a sitting, we are more than happy to work from photographs.

Recent clients brought a photograph of their grandson, desiring to create a bust in his
memory. We met with them, intent on learning exactly who he was and what was important to him. Among other things, we learned he was blessed with enviable hair, we incorporated this personal detail, adding light and dark to the patina to assist in capturing his personality. We involve the client along the way, inviting them to the studio to collaborate at different stages throughout the process. Our work is not a product, it is an experience. It is not a stagnant piece, it is an emotion, a story, a memory.

Do these pants make me look fat?: Working with Grant

If you don’t want to know the truth, then you don’t want to ask Grant. Grant is a dear friend whom I’ve known for more than 20 years. Hands down, Grant is probably the most talented individual I know. Frankly, the rest of us are just mere mortals. A true Renaissance man, Grant builds furniture, designs clothes, sings professionally, teaches voice, and directs a cabaret ensemble. I am sure I’ve left something out!  Grant is not only my friend, but is also what I refer to as a visual editor.  For years I have had Grant check my work for balance, design, proportion and accuracy of costuming. Very similar to what an editor does for a writer.  It would not be unusual for him to say “ok you may not like this….but there are a few thinks that don’t look correct” or “tell me how you came up with outfit” or “ It looks like her arm is disconnected from her body” or the dreaded “I think you should just start over”.  That is exactly what he said after I shared the original version of “Paris 1950” with him.  His email said “there are a few things that need to be fixed”.  Honestly I was puzzled. I was pretty happy with the piece I couldn’t imagine what needed fixing. The next day, we spent 2 hours via Facetime discussing and critiquing. Between Henry and Sigrid, there were no less than a dozen corrections! Here are a few examples; Sigrid’s feet look like she’s retaining water; her collar looks heavy, her waist needs to be smaller, her outfit is more of a composite design verses authentically vintage and my all-time favorite “you know that bras were very pointy in the 50”s”. I braced myself for the worse, I knew it was coming, I could feel it; “I think you should just start over”.  I was beyond brain dead at this point but made peace with the idea of starting over. The next day, I cut Sigrid’s head off and put it in a safe place, took her body off the armatures stand and stored her body under my work table where she awaits reincarnation.  When I tell people about Grant they ask “does Grant ever tell you anything good?” I tell them it’s all good. It’s good because I learn from every piece and my skill level increases. I am fortunate to have someone who I can count on to tell me if my pants make me look fat!

Eunice Johnson

No fashion series would be complete without a sculpture inspired by Eunice Johnson and Ebony Fashion Fair. The contributions that Eunice made to the world of fashion, and African American women, are legendary.  A woman of vision, Eunice brought high fashion to communities across the nation while raising millions of dollars for various charities. Her story inspired me to create Esther. The beauty and stance of this 26” sculpture evokes strength and self-assuredness, traits which reflect Eunice’s unique spirit.  This sculpture is dedicated to the memory of Eunice Johnson. A truly remarkable woman whose legacy lives on.


Jade is an exciting addition to my modern fashion sculpture collection.  I wanted to sculpt a piece that was both modern and diverse.   Jade, a gorgeous Asian woman is sensuous, captivating and down-right delectable.  She is featured in a fitted deep V-neckline dress and­­­ faux fur stole.  Her tantalizing pose highlights her body hugging dress which showcases her alluring figure.  Her ankle-wrapped gladiator sandals add to the piece’s sensuousness. Jade’s come-hither expression is sultry and pulls you in.  It makes you to want to know what she’s thinking. This cast bronze sculpture is a limited edition of 25 pieces.  The sculpture measures 26”ht   x  10”wd  x  11”lg  and is mounted on marble.

Join Us On The Journey: Collaboration for Cause

The journey to Fashion Week 2017 with Nolcha Shows has been an amazing one. Once making the decision to participate in this awesome event, I immediately began following Nolcha and the immensely talented designers featured at their shows. Wren and Roch in particular caught my eye with their elegant leather bags and accessories. Their unique designs which feature spikes and finger grips on clutches are both beautiful and unexpected. Beyond this it is their very impressive mission and the meaning attached to their collection which makes them so special.  In an effort to raise awareness for sexual assault, Wren and Roch partners with various organizations which raise funds, educate, assist and empower those who have been impacted by sexual assault. Recently, they have launched a “Carry Your Courage” campaign to help lift the stigma of guilt and shame surrounding rape and abuse.  As a licensed therapist, this platform resonated with me immediately. Almost on a daily basis I meet with people who have been hurt by sexual assault.  I knew I wanted to do anything I could do to help support and expand their mission.


One morning, Teri, my very talented business advisor and confidant woke up with the most amazing idea! What if a couple of my sculptures included some of their pieces? I loved the idea and honestly we believe that it was divinely inspired. We reached out to Laura and Karen to see if they might be interested in collaborating with us, they were honored. Their first question was, “what do you need from us”? The conversation continued as we worked together to select the bag and accessories which would be featured. Coincidently or maybe not, the color of bag chosen matched the bronze patina which I had already selected. Two days later, a sample bag and cuff arrived so that I would have something to work from. Last week, I finished their BEST FRIEND- Ray of Moonlight purse as well as Tan Hide and Seeing Spots cuffs. Our new friends were pleased. Delilah will be featured carrying Ray of Moonlight and wearing their Tan Hide cuff.  Jade will be wearing their “Seeing Spots” cuff. We are very proud to assist Wren and Roch in promoting their very special mission.


To learn more about Wren and Roch, visit