Artist Bio | Laurie Barton


The process of creating art has been a passion for Laurie Barton since childhood, transforming diverse art materials and found objects into three-dimensional forms.

Laurie is a contemporary figurative sculptor widely recognized for her compelling body of work that includes inspirational bronze figures, busts, medals of honor and bas reliefs. She casts her work in both bronze and cold cast marble. Her in-depth portfolio encompasses Busts, Dance, Fashion, Historic, Inspirational, and Military pieces.

Laurie’s commissioned subjects, which include U.S. presidents, military, educational, and corporate leaders, have found their way into leading institutions such as Norfolk Southern Corporation, National War College, Ave Maria University, Lockheed Martin, Mercer Advisors, The Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and the Naval Postgraduate School, to name a few. Her bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt is prominently displayed in the dining room of the Marco Polo, located at Union Station in Washington, DC. Her work is also featured in private collections nationwide.

The artist transforms her pieces from basic portraits to profound universal symbols through animated gestures and facial expressions. As a licensed psychotherapist, she reveals her awareness of the potential for art to convey a sense of healing. Her desire to express hopeful stories of humanity is prominent in her “Inspirational” and “Dance” series. For example, when describing her piece “Divine Whisper” she emphasizes her motivation to portray “the relationship between the human and the divine”.

An example of Laurie’s unique story-telling process was evident when she was invited to be the Official Artist of Nolcha Shows New York Fashion Week in 2017. Her fashion-inspired collection of four sculptures included “Esther” which pays homage to Eunice Johnson, one of the most influential women of the 21st century. This piece exudes a sense of grace and self-empowerment.

Using her talent to help others is important to Laurie. She created the Arlington Artworks, now known as NOVA Artworks. This therapeutic art program is for adults with severe mental illness and intellectual disabilities. It provides clients with a safe, creative environment to experiment with painting, drawing and glass work to express themselves and find purpose and joy in their lives.


Norfolk Southern Corporation

President Franklin D. Roosevelt – 32nd President of the United States - Life Size Bronze Bust

National War College

President Theodore Roosevelt – 26th President of the United States - Life Size Bust

General Colin Powell – National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff- Life Size Bronze Bust

General George C. Marshall – Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense – Life Size Bronze Bust

Ave Maria University

General Carl E. Mundy – 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps- Bronze Bas Relief

General Charles C. Krulak – 31st Commandant of the Marine Corp- Bronze Bas Relief

General James L. Jones – 32nd Commandant of the Marine Corps, Supreme Allies Commander Europe, United States National Security Advisor-Bronze Bas Relief

General James T. Conway – 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps - Bronze Bas

Relief General James Amos – 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps - Bronze Bas

Relief General Peter Pace – 16th Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff – Bronze Bas

Relief General John Sheehan – Joint Forces Commander - Bronze Bas Relief

Major General James E. Livingston – Metal of Honor – Bronze Bas Relief

Harvey C. Barnum – Medal of Honor Vietnam War – Bronze Bas Relief

Cardinal John O’Connor – Archbishop of New York - Bronze Bas Relief

Father Vincent Capadanno – Medal of Honor Vietnam War - Bronze Bas Relief

Thomas S. Moynihan – Founder Ave Maria University, Dominos Pizza, Detroit Tigers - Bronze Bas Relief

Jim Lehrer – Host of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer PBS - Bronze Bas Relief

Frederick W. Smith – Founder, Chairman, President, CEO of Fed Ex - Bronze Bas Relief

Arthur L. Allen – President CEO Allen Systems Group - Bronze Bas Relief

William T Schoen – Chairman Health Management Associates - Bronze Bas Relief

Carl O. Tronvold – Bronze Bas Relief

Lockheed Martin

Rear Admiral Wayne E Meyer – Naval Post Graduate School - Life Size Bronze Bust

Catalina Yacht Club

Commodore – Half Life Bronze Bust

Mercer Advisors

Lew Wolf – Bronze Bas Relief

Imtiaz Manja – Bronze Bas Relief

Glen Wysel – Bronze Bas Relief

Howard Rochestie – Bronze Bas Relief

Gene Dongieux – Bronze Bas Relief