We believe art is a language,


capable of communicating thoughts and ideas that transcend mere words. The way we fill the space around us communicates who we are.  Art is the tangible and visible embodiment of an emotion or feeling.  Through three-dimensional forms, we create beautiful art to fill your space with personal meaning and passion.

We are artistic creatives, motivated by our own personal history. Art has often played the role of healer, inspirer, and motivator, illuminating our lives with beauty and purpose.  We want to share that with you.

We believe every person should possess a work of art that inspires them. Sculpture adds a unique elegance, sophistication, and personal touch to your home, your business, your event.  We want to hear your story, your inspiration, and help you select the perfect piece or capture it in a custom piece. 


Meet Laurie Barton

The desire to create has propelled Laurie Barton since childhood. It is through creation that life is brought into being. It is through art that life is informed with meaning. Laurie uses the human form and movement of the body to guide the creative process. For a sculpture to be truly captivating it must convey both motion and emotion. Her sculptures manifest her desire to impart a sense of hopefulness. Art becomes beautiful to which it captures the divine. Her piece “Divine Whisper” illustrates her intention for each piece to transcend beyond its physical form.

Laurie's defining purpose is for every piece to serve a higher purpose. During New York Fashion Week, Laurie partnered with accessory designers Wren and Roch to create her sculptures “Carry Your Courage” and “Jade”, which were adorned by the designers’ signature bag and cuffs. A portion of the proceeds benefits their foundation which raises awareness for sexual assault and violence.

Laurie’s unique story-telling process was evident when she was invited to be the Official Artist of Nolcha Shows New York Fashion Week in 2017. Her fashion-inspired collection of four sculptures included “Esther” which pays homage to Eunice Johnson, one of the most influential women of the 21st century. This piece exudes a sense of grace and self-empowerment.

Her extensive portfolio of work includes inspirational bronze figures, busts, Medal Of Honor recipients and bas reliefs. Laurie’s commissioned subjects, which include U.S. presidents, military, educational, and corporate leaders, have found their way into leading institutions such as Norfolk Southern Corporation, National War College, Ave Maria University, Mercer Advisors, The Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and the Naval Postgraduate School. Her bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt is prominently displayed in the dining room of the Marco Polo, located at Union Station in Washington, DC. Her work is also featured in private collections nationwide.

She created the Arlington Artworks, now known as NOVA Artworks. This therapeutic art program is for adults with severe mental illness and intellectual disabilities. It provides clients with a safe, creative environment to experiment with painting, drawing and glass work to express themselves and find purpose and joy in their lives.

View Artist Statement here and Artist Bio here.


Meet Teri Twigg

Teri Twigg has a tremendous love of interior design. As a DSA Certified Professional Designer, Teri understands and appreciates the value a piece of art brings to a room or occasion. She has an eye for aesthetics, loves coordinating mixed mediums, and has an innate ability to translate a passion into a tangible art piece. Teri enjoys collaborating to bring a design inspiration to life in order to enhance the beauty of a home, business or event. 

Teri believes every person, home, small business, and corporation should possess a work of art that inspires them. As the design concierge for Barton Sculptures, Teri will assist you in choosing a sculpture that fills your space with personal meaning and passion, or designing a custom piece.

Teri holds a Masters in Business Administration and oversees the business operations for Barton Sculptures. She possesses a unique ability to identify opportunity for collaboration and strategic partnerships. Partnering with designers like Wren Roch for New York Fashion Week in supporting their mission to empower victims and survivors of domestic violence is one telling example of Teri’s talents.

Two are better than one. In accordance with their mission, Barton Sculptures is poised to support and elevate the vision of others.